According to a MediaTakeOut report, Chris Brown is finally ready to pop the big question to “Good  Girl Gone Bad” superstar Rihanna. The report states that Chris plans to propose to RiRi in Hawaii TODAY! And it’s not a coincidence that it happens to be her 25th birthday. Joining the couple in paradise are Rihanna’s parents and a number of friends and cousins,  and Chris’s mother.

The report also reveals that Chris has already recieved permission from RiRi’s parents to have her hand in marriage. It would be a shame if they did not agree when it has also been said that Chris has 10 carat diamond worth approximately $3.5 million.

Rumors are created all the time in the entertainment industry, so I’m not 100% sure if this accurate. But if it is true, I wish Rihanna and Chris the best of luck with their engagement and marriage. Now, I know some of you may disagree. Many fans and spectators dislike the fact that Rihanna has allowed Chris back into her life after he physically assualted her back in 2009. My opinion is, it’s her life. Let her live it.

I love female empowerment, so I do not condone domestic violence against women. But I’m happy that Rihanna has found the courage to live her life the way she wants, despite the criticsim of the world. She has forgiven him. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson. Now they are moving on. The rest of the world should do the same. My prayers are with you Chris and Rihanna.


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A 16 year old pregnant girl wins a court case against her own parents! Crazy right?

Resdients of Texas, the parents disagreed with their daughter’s desire to keep her unborn child and attempted to persuade her to recieve an abortion.  According to the teen’s claim in the lawsuit, when her father recieved the news, he “became extremely angry,” and said that “he was going to take her to have an abortion and that the decision was his.” Here parents went as far as to pull her out of school, confiscate her phone, take away her car privileages, and forced her in to getting two jobs just so she would get the abortion. Despite their efforts, the teen decided to keep her baby and took the situation to Texas Family Court.

The attorneys who assisted the girl in the court case ordered an injunction against her parents, which will last until she gives birth. Part of the injunction included allowing the teen to use her car to travel to school and work. So much for her parents trying to use it against her. Not only did the parents lose the court case, but they are also responsible for covering the hospital bill when the child is born. I’m pretty sure they’re quite aggravated right about now.

Greg Terra, president of the Texas Center for Defense of Life stated in a blog post, “We are extremely happy with the judge’s decision today and we are very proud of our teenage client for being strong enough to stand against her parents to save her unborn child’s life.”

My Opinion: Although I do not condone teenage pregnancy, I am an advocate for saving the life of an unborn child. Every child’s life is precious. They did not personally request to be brought into this world, so why should they be taken out before they even have the chance to see the sun? I am happy that the young lady won her court case and has saved her child’s life.

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 If you don’t know her, just check out WBTW News 13 on your television screen. Her name is Miss Aubrey Jackson, and she is the Classy Lady of the Day!

Smart. Beautiful. Dedicated. Passionate. Influential. All of these words describe the infamous Aubrey Jackson. Also known as Aubrey Jay, she is a reporter for WBTW News 13 in Myrtle Beach. Before stepping into the workforce, this glamorous diva gained all of her expreince by  engaging in a student exchange program at Boston Unviersity and interning with organizinations such as VIACOM Network MTV University, and ABC’s Goodmorning America.

She is a 2012 alumna of the pretigious Claflin University. While matriculating at Claflin, she held the title of Miss Homecoming 2011-2012, which allowed her to “enjoy being involved and impacting lives in the community.” She was also the President of CU’s Mass Communications Society, and  a member of the Gamma Nu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorortiy Inc., NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists), and the Society of Leadership and Success. Her dream for her future is “to master the world of communications and media, a field of work that is forever growing and changing.”

My favorite quote of hers is “Let your confidence shine from  within to the world.”

Aubrey and T'Aira

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As I transitioned from a young teen into a young woman, I’ve always observed young men with unkept hair, dirty clothes, and pants sagging below their butts. Not to mention, some of them smelled like beer, liquor, weed, and cigarettes. NEWS FLASH: NOT ATTRACTIVE! When I saw them, I would think, “Come on man! You’ve got to do better!” Quite frankly, I’m SICK of it! Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to being professional,  gaining the attention of the opposite sex, or just being appropiate, looks do matter. Depending on one’s personal standards and choice, women love it when men take pride in the way they look. It’s arousing.

The way a young man dresses is significant, because it says alot about his character and how he percieves himself. If it is evident that he takes the time to dress nicely, it shows that he’s confident and he cares about his appearance. (Hint fellas, great way to catch a women’s attention!) On the other hand, if he doesn’t even bother trying, it gives off a different message of laziness, carelessness, and just plain unattractive. In my opinion, young men should dress how they want to be perceived. Because they were born to be  leaders, protecters, and providers, they should dress as such. How can we as women admire & follow their lead, if they don’t even have pride and dignity within themselves? Fortunately, there is still a population of young men lingering around who dress with confidence and style, and they aren’t afraid to show it. I want to take the time to commend them. Check them out ladies! Tell me what you think…

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Ladies, we must pay our respects to a fallen brother…

Although it has been almost a complete year since the tragic murder of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin, the wounds still hurt, the grief is still present, and the anger has yet to fully diminish. The worst part is that today, February 5, 2013, Trayvon would’ve been eighteen years old.

He would of been celebrating his liberation as young man, probably out eating dinner with his loving parents, hanging out with friends, or maybe even dancing with a pretty girl at his eighteenth birthday bash. But because of one accused individual, Trayvon will never have that experience.

On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin tragically lost his life due to the suspicion of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, all because he was wearing a dark gray hoodie. According to, Trayvon went to a local 7-Eleven in Sanford, Florida to purchase a bag of Skittles and a can of Arizona iced tea. After he made his purchase, he made is way back to the home of his father’s fiance.

It was then that George Zimmerman noticed Trayvon walking through the neighborhood. He became suspicious and made a 911 call stating, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining, and he’s just walking around.” Zimmerman began to follow Trayvon, even after he was demanded by the dispatcher not to do so. No one saw exactly what happened between Zimmerman and Trayvon, but neighbors did call 911 stating they heard “arguing,” “loud voices,” “yelling,” and finally a “gunshot.”

Zimmerman had shot Trayvon with a 9mm semiautomatic gun. The bullet entered the left side of his chest, and he was lying “face down in the grass.” Trayvon was pronounced dead at 7:30pm.

Millions across the nation still feel pain of your loss Trayvon. Although your body no longer lives, your spirit still dwells in our hearts. Rest peacefully with God our angel. You are missed. Happy Birthday!!

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