Polos & Bowties (dedicated to A.Clark)


As I transitioned from a young teen into a young woman, I’ve always observed young men with unkept hair, dirty clothes, and pants sagging below their butts. Not to mention, some of them smelled like beer, liquor, weed, and cigarettes. NEWS FLASH: NOT ATTRACTIVE! When I saw them, I would think, “Come on man! You’ve got to do better!” Quite frankly, I’m SICK of it! Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to being professional,  gaining the attention of the opposite sex, or just being appropiate, looks do matter. Depending on one’s personal standards and choice, women love it when men take pride in the way they look. It’s arousing.

The way a young man dresses is significant, because it says alot about his character and how he percieves himself. If it is evident that he takes the time to dress nicely, it shows that he’s confident and he cares about his appearance. (Hint fellas, great way to catch a women’s attention!) On the other hand, if he doesn’t even bother trying, it gives off a different message of laziness, carelessness, and just plain unattractive. In my opinion, young men should dress how they want to be perceived. Because they were born to be  leaders, protecters, and providers, they should dress as such. How can we as women admire & follow their lead, if they don’t even have pride and dignity within themselves? Fortunately, there is still a population of young men lingering around who dress with confidence and style, and they aren’t afraid to show it. I want to take the time to commend them. Check them out ladies! Tell me what you think…

(P.S. This is only a portion.)


Steven Young


            Heru Medford

002 (2)

EJ Burkins


James Stroman


Thomas Harris


Robert Daniels

004 (3)

Clayton Cooper


First image derived from: http://weheartit.com/entry/13883717


3 Responses to “Polos & Bowties (dedicated to A.Clark)”

  1. 1 LaRhonda KAY Grant

    Well said! Only if men would understand this concept and actually live by it!

  2. 2 AC

    Beautiful work! It’s important to highlight the positive images of young Black men in our community, not to mention they are in college and doing their thing. Keeo up the good work!!!

  3. Yesssss!!!! I love this post! It’s nothing like a smooth, debonair, suave brother that dresses & carries themselves well! All that saggin’ & other nonsense has got to go!!! Grear post, Tee!

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