Chris & Rihanna…Wedding Bells???


According to a MediaTakeOut report, Chris Brown is finally ready to pop the big question to “Good  Girl Gone Bad” superstar Rihanna. The report states that Chris plans to propose to RiRi in Hawaii TODAY! And it’s not a coincidence that it happens to be her 25th birthday. Joining the couple in paradise are Rihanna’s parents and a number of friends and cousins,  and Chris’s mother.

The report also reveals that Chris has already recieved permission from RiRi’s parents to have her hand in marriage. It would be a shame if they did not agree when it has also been said that Chris has 10 carat diamond worth approximately $3.5 million.

Rumors are created all the time in the entertainment industry, so I’m not 100% sure if this accurate. But if it is true, I wish Rihanna and Chris the best of luck with their engagement and marriage. Now, I know some of you may disagree. Many fans and spectators dislike the fact that Rihanna has allowed Chris back into her life after he physically assualted her back in 2009. My opinion is, it’s her life. Let her live it.

I love female empowerment, so I do not condone domestic violence against women. But I’m happy that Rihanna has found the courage to live her life the way she wants, despite the criticsim of the world. She has forgiven him. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson. Now they are moving on. The rest of the world should do the same. My prayers are with you Chris and Rihanna.


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