Pregnant Teen Wins Abortion Battle Against Parents


A 16 year old pregnant girl wins a court case against her own parents! Crazy right?

Resdients of Texas, the parents disagreed with their daughter’s desire to keep her unborn child and attempted to persuade her to recieve an abortion.  According to the teen’s claim in the lawsuit, when her father recieved the news, he “became extremely angry,” and said that “he was going to take her to have an abortion and that the decision was his.” Here parents went as far as to pull her out of school, confiscate her phone, take away her car privileages, and forced her in to getting two jobs just so she would get the abortion. Despite their efforts, the teen decided to keep her baby and took the situation to Texas Family Court.

The attorneys who assisted the girl in the court case ordered an injunction against her parents, which will last until she gives birth. Part of the injunction included allowing the teen to use her car to travel to school and work. So much for her parents trying to use it against her. Not only did the parents lose the court case, but they are also responsible for covering the hospital bill when the child is born. I’m pretty sure they’re quite aggravated right about now.

Greg Terra, president of the Texas Center for Defense of Life stated in a blog post, “We are extremely happy with the judge’s decision today and we are very proud of our teenage client for being strong enough to stand against her parents to save her unborn child’s life.”

My Opinion: Although I do not condone teenage pregnancy, I am an advocate for saving the life of an unborn child. Every child’s life is precious. They did not personally request to be brought into this world, so why should they be taken out before they even have the chance to see the sun? I am happy that the young lady won her court case and has saved her child’s life.

Details courtesy of:–abc-news-topstories.html

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